Jobs Report December 2015

By Ken Willis on Monday, January 11, 2016
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The December jobs report caps a year of steady growth.

The jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) December 2015 report showed employment increased by 292,000 jobs, an increase from November’s revised increase of 252,000. Adjustments to numbers for October and November showed an addition of 50,000 jobs, increasing the average monthly job gain to 284,000 jobs in the past three months alone. The unemployment rate held steady at 5% for 3 consecutive months, remaining as the lowest level since 2007.

Source: December 2015 Labor Statistics Highlights | Eastridge Blog

My Take

Job Report?

The above is the first paragraph of the jobs report for 4th qtr 2015.  My following comments do not reflect on the posting by Eastridge Blog and I provide the link back to them only because I read this from their site.

The first part where we add 292,000 jobs is great, then I am curious about the last sentence where the unemployment rate held at 5% for the three months.  The last qtr in any year is usually where manufactures, retailers, and logistics companies post their largest gains and ramp up their employees to deal with the increased business (call it seasonal employment), right?  What I am curious to see is what that number will be in 1st qtr 2016.  Makes you go, hummmm…

Jobs Reports? Where do they get these numbers?

Where do they get these numbers?

I followed the link above to the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see if I could make heads or tails of how they are measuring the numbers.  I was confused even more.  I don’t mind reading a good instruction manual every now and then but this was mind numbing and didn’t seam to go anywhere.  Sure there was lots of numbers and graphs, but I could not find where in this document it tells me how and where these number came from.  I need a glossary.  Can anyone help?