Dream Job – The “Hard Things” Reviewed

By Ken Willis on Friday, January 22, 2016
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Dream Job?

Dream Job?

In the next few days I will be reviewing an article from Inc. magazine website that was reposted on the web blog ‘Evil HR Lady’.

I liked the article but felt it did not go far enough.  Please feel free to read her site at the link below.  ‘My Take’ will be below the article.

5 Really Hard Things That Successful People Do

by Evil HR Lady on January 21, 2016

We spend a lot of time talking about  easy things we can do to make our lives better and our careers take off. There are easy things to do, but the reality is, being at the top of your game doesn’t come easily for almost anything. Sometimes, there are hard things you need to do if you want to be successful. Here are five hard things that will really help you.

1. Get the right education/training.

I get emails all the time asking, “Should I get an MBA?” or “Should I go to graduate school?” The answer? “How in the heck should I know!” It all depends on your goals. Do the people who currently work in your dream job have MBAs? Or, do they have Ph.D.s in art history? Or, did they go through coding camp? Look at what they’ve done and then make your decision.

– See more at: http://evilhrlady.org/#sthash.sedRsq6I.dpuf

My Take on the Dream Job

The above hit me as numb.  Mainly because of the phrase ‘dream job’.  What’s that?  I think it would be more useful if we attempted to define or steer in the direction of how to determine a ‘dream job’.  I had a professor in college that I absolutely did not see eye to eye with and was asked to leave a couple times.  The professor was institutionalized and I had a job and paying my own bills and voting.  I did not think she had a good grasp on what was really going on in business and life outside the classroom, but what she did have was the foolproof way to be happy outside the classroom.  This is what I thank her for everyday.  In her words, she said “find what you love to do and the money will follow”.

My interpretation on the Dream Job

I really pondered this statement.  It struck me.  That thing you can do where time seems to melt away and you can go on forever.  Its fun for you, its challenging to you.  You can do it again and again and even improve it.  If you can find that thing, then find out what education is needed.  Do not worry about the money.  Why?  When you care about what do past the point of the almighty $, then your workmanship and ethic will attract the $ themselves.  I have used this and I have not really worked a day in those jobs where I was left to do what I loved.  On a side note, employers tend to reward those who treat their job like they treat their company.

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