Employment Screening

Allied Information Resource is a background verification company which offers the extra support needed when making hiring decisions that will best suit your organization. As current human resource professionals with over 40 years of combined experience, we understand the ever-changing dynamic of the American workforce, and the challenges that come with hiring your company’s future superstars.
Ensuring the accuracy of your applicant’s provided information is essential to the success and security of any company.

  • According to HR Magazine, and the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 1/4 of all applicants misrepresent their employment or educational credentials when applying for a job.
  • Employee turnover replacement costs have reduced earning and stock prices an average of 38%.
  • The average organization loses more than $9.00 a day per employee, and 6% of it’s annual revenue to theft and fraud.
  • Recent studies have shown that 2,500 workers per 100,000 have been physically attacked on the job.

AIR will provide the support necessary to your organization by securing the most accurate up-to-date background information on your applicant available, while delivering it in a customer friendly format.
Quality demands results, and results demand exceptional customer service. By offering both, make the right move by choosing Allied Information Resource as your pre-employment screening solution!
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