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Looking into an applicant’s history can help provide a clearer picture of how they are going to fit into your environment. It also assists your company in completing its due diligence in the screening process. These investigations into an applicant’s history can help avoid future issues such as theft, fraud or violence.

AIR provides a wide variety of screening services to assist you in making the best hiring decisions possible. These options include:
Criminal Searches
Credit/Civil/Public Records
Urinary Drug Screening & Other Services
Allied Information Resource is about partnering with you.  We have created systems for clients with infrequent background requests to those with more complex screening needs locally and/or nationally. You can breath easy knowing that you have a partner with your best interest at the top of their to do list.  Our founders have a combined 50 plus years experience in Human Resources.  We understand the complexity and share responsibility in ensuring our clients receive the most accurate information available in a feverishly fast paced environment. By understanding your screening needs and the background screening industry, AIR can build tailored programs to fulfill your background screening requirements. We have integrated several key facets into our programs to meet the demands of the Human Resource needs of a diverse environment:
  • Customer-focused services
    • Ultimate customization of products and services
  • State-of-the-art technology systems
    • Flexible reporting and invoicing capabilities
    • Easy-to-use and quick on-line request submittals
    • 24 hour availability
  • Integrity of information reported
    • Personal court searches to ensure accuracy
    • Product blends to expand and catch hard to find and obscure records
  • Timely response
    • Commitment of 24-72 hour response time on all orders when available
  • Market awareness
    • Abreast of changes in laws that will impact our business
  • Regular communication with clients
    • Update clients on any changes in the marketplace or laws that will affect their business
Discuss our services and become a client of Allied Information Resource, Inc. by contacting us at 1-760-730-1329 or 1-800-710-AIR1 or email us at sales@alliedinformationresource.com.
We look forward to joining your family and doing business with you!

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