Tenant Screening

Why use A.P.T.S. (AIR’s Preferred Tenant Screening)?

We provide fast and accurate tenant background check, tenant credit check, employment verification and eviction reports with web based delivery for expeditious and convenient access and competitive pricing with volume discounting available.

Property Management Companies and Owners
Allied Information Resource provides property management companies and property owners with a complete suite of tenant screening services. Tenant credit checks, background checks, eviction reports, employment verifications and more can all be accessed through our fast, secure and user friendly web based ordering system. Pay only for the tenant screening services you need!

Tenant Credit Scorecard
The Tenant Scorecard can help improve decision turnaround time, reduce delinquency rates, and increase bottom line margins.

The Tenant Credit Scorecard is a simple, powerful recommendation tool for property managers, landlords and property owners. It provides an automated means to quickly and efficiently analyze the credit history, criminal and eviction history of applicants and then generate a “pass”, “fail”, or “conditional” recommendation based on customizable screening criteria.

    The Tenant Credit Scorecard offers:

  • A ‘Pass’ / ‘Fail’ / ‘Conditional’ recommendation for each report
  • Customizable scoring criteria for each property
  • Customizable credit criteria based on the ‘type’ and ‘date’ of certain credit elements, as well as income-to-rent ratio, income-to-debt ratio, bankruptcy history, payment history, collections/charge offs, and credit score
  • Accurate, automated and objective scoring recommendations to reduce exposure to fair housing discrimination
  • Multi-state eviction database
  • National criminal database and county criminal report available

The Tenant Scorecard is also designed to provide maximum flexibility to each property manager. This, coupled with the highly customizable system, allows the manager to tailor each Scorecard to each property. The Scorecard provides the most powerful and simple means available by which to score applicants. The combination of comprehensive data sources and customizable scoring criteria means property managers and owners can decrease delinquency and increase profitability.

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