Verifications & References


Education Verification: Applicant information is verified for typically the highest level of education desired. Information verified may include dates of graduation or attendance, degree obtained and major/minor field of study. High school, GED or trade school verification to be included upon request.

Employment/Reference Verification: AIR will assist you in the screening process by verifying past employment history and checking of personal or professional references. Using a detailed interviewing technique, we will attempt to ascertain details beyond the basics of job title, salary and eligibility for rehire. Information surrounding integrity, focus, communication skills, teamwork, honesty, strengths/weaknesses and reliability will be gleaned, where available.

Motor Vehicle Record/Driving History: Using the applicant’s name, driver’s license number and state of issue provided, AIR will search for the applicant’s record in the state where they are currently licensed. This important check will verify the applicant’s driving record, lowering the liability risk for your company. This search includes the applicant’s type or class of driver’s license, any restrictions or violations, convictions and license revocations. Under some state’s privacy laws, the applicant’s home address and DOB may not appear on the report.

Professional License Verification: This search provides verification of specified professional licensure through the appropriate state. Information can include: issuance date, license type, expiration date, and license status.

Social Security Verification AIR utilizes a social security number validator to determine the validity of a social security number. This database obtains information directly from the Social Security Administration and provides verification on the state the SSN was issued, year issued, and if it is part of the death index. This does not indicate the applicant’s ability to work in the U.S.