Drug Screening & Other Services

Urinary Drug Screening & Other Services

Adverse Notification: AIR can assist you with adhering to federal/FCRA guidelines regarding adverse actions. AIR will work with your company to ensure all the necessary communication has been provided to the applicant. AIR can work with you throughout the process of the pre-adverse and adverse notifications to ensure complete compliance with the FCRA.

National Medical Sanctions: Our comprehensive healthcare services help reduce non-compliance exposure, aid in quality staffing decisions, and protect your company from civil and non-compliant penalties. This search provides sanction information from the below listed federal sources and state agencies across the 50 states on healthcare individuals.

  • OIG (Office of Inspector General)
  • GSA (General Services Administration)
  • FDA (Federal Drug Administration)
  • DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • Tri-Care (Formally Champus)

This service can help you from the risk of costly penalties. Whether for healthcare employees, physicians, or contractors, this service will help you with your screening. The National Medical Sanctions search provides necessary background information on healthcare individuals. This search meets the requirements for screening by the Office of Inspector General’s Compliance Program.

Urinary Drug Screen: Working with the largest laboratory collection center nationwide, AIR can assist you in ensuring your workforce is clear of drug use. Drug abuse costs American businesses billions of dollars, due to lost productivity. AIR offers complete collection and MRO services that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Workers Compensation Reports: The Workers Compensation Report will help determine if there are any filed or outstanding claims. If someone has abused the system in the past, they may do it again in the future. This will provide information in a specific state and is only available in certain states. This report provides information in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.