Decrease Background Check Time.

By Ken Willis on Thursday, January 14, 2016
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But My Client Needs its Background Check Now!


Better Background CheckEver have that client or department that needed that background check done yesterday? Yeah, I get that one a lot. So, how do you get that background done yesterday?  Prepare for it the day before yesterday by having a solid policy and direct connection to your customer service representatives. Lets face it, when it comes to the background industry the information returned is a commodity, but the firm that you deal with can greatly reduce turn around time and errors.


Garbage In, Garbage Out. Yeah, we got that one covered

It has happend many times where the information passed to us (Allied Information Resource, Inc.) may be suspect, but we have processes in place to verify and check the information given to us is usuable. If the information is not usable, then prompt communication will save time and provide a good background check/verification.


Clock Starts When?

Lets say that the information passed is perfect. Now timing is determined on when the information passed. Entering information into an online system is a good way to go. Faxing represents possible Client/Firm issues that can unfairly strain relationships for both parties.  Online is better because it lowers entry issues and both Client/Firm know when an order was placed.  Most importantly, it is the time of day that the order was placed.  Like everyone else, court researchers get up first thing in the morning, grab their orders and head out to the courts.  They sometimes go two and three times a day depending on work load.  Because the courts are a government office, they tend to close earlier and also have furlough days (due to current economic conditions).

Ok, ok, I’ll wrap it up

What does this mean?  Simple, early bird gets the worm.  Putting into place a routine where the background is placed as soon as possible, even before they leave the office.

Yeah, Right!

I know quite a few people in the HR industry and your jobs are tough.  You may have ten people applying, a client on the phone and some background agency asking for more information and then there is the email piling up, oh and don’t forget to sell something while your at it.  The goal of an vendor should be to fit into your organization at your speed and the “at your speed” thing is critical.  If a vendor does not understand you then how can they help you.

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